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Dear future Veterinarians,

MJF Veterinary College  Chomu was established in the year - 2009 after obtaining the required permission from Veterinary Council Of India (VCI), New Delhi for impating training for award of B.V.Sc.&A.H, Degree. The veterinary qualification ,Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (BVSc&AH) of this college has been recognized and included in the First Schedule of the council in accordance with Section 15(2) of IVC Act, 1984 from the begining of instructions at this institution  (i.e. from the  session  2009-10). All degrees confered upon  students of  this college stand duly recognized by VCI.  


About Us

Mahatma Jyotiba Fule College of Veterinary & Animal Science, a constituent institute of Mahatma Jyotiba Fule Vidyapeeth Samiti is growing as a centre of excellence in providing education and training in veterinary field. The college is recognized by Veterinary Council of India and Government of India, New Delhi and is affiliated to Rajasthan University of Veterinary & Animal Science, Bikaner  for  awarding degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc.&A.H.). The veterinary qualification imparted by the college has been included in the First Schedule in accordance with Section 15(2) of IVC Act, 1984 from the begining of the college (i.e.-from the  session  2009-10) . All degrees obtained by our students stand recognized by VCI.  Necessary Gazette notification of Government of India has been published vide S.O. 2858(E) dated 31-08-2017.   

The College has adopted fully the standard for veterinary Education ( Five Year and Six Month B.V.Sc.&A.H. Degree Course) prescribed by Veterinary Council of India, with the vision to offer graduate programe in veterinary to bring the veterinary profession at par with international standards. The college has fully developed teaching departments pertaining to various disciplines of veterinary science. The present intake capacity is 80 students per annum.

The college aspires to do substantial work, in the field of veterinary education  in our area and impart  professional expertise to the young aspirants who will dedicate themselves to the service of humanity through service to animals.

Messages by Director

Dear budding veterinarians,

                We, with immense pleasure, would like to welcome you to the Mahatma Jyotiba Fule College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences. From here starts your journey towards your one important goal to become a good Doctor to serve Animals. Our programme offers you the opportunity to experience different aspects of veterinary before deciding on your specialization.

                We are committed to provide you the best education of national and international standard with special reference to our country with the best facilities to be made available. This is just the start of your journey; we hope the support of professors in achieving your dreams.

                We hope that our efforts will go a long way and will make mark in the field of veterinary education.



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