Livestock Farm Complex


     Livestock Farm Complex, updated  under the recent guidelines of Veterinary Council of India, has the mandate to train BVSc & AH students in the day to day operations of the livestock farm besides, closely collaborating with other departments in the teaching of LPM, Animal Nutrition, Animal Genetics and Breeding and other animal science courses. The farm existing in MJF Veterinary College campus is modeled on closed housing system with accompanying farmland for fodder production. The farm currently houses cattle breeds of Jersey and HF crossbreds, Rathi and Gir cows as well as buffalo breeds of Murrah and Nili-Ravi, besides sheep, goats, pigs, horses and chicken. The buildings and cattle sheds have been modernized as per requirements. In near future the department sees itself developing as a centre of training and instruction in farm management operations for the veterinary students as well as for the dairy and poultry farmers of the region.  

  Credit Hours:

  • Livestock Farm Practices (0+2 = 2)