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MJF Veterinary College, Jaipur is one of India’s best private Veterinary Colleges, which has been growing as a center of excellence in providing education and practical training in veterinary field. It is recognized by Veterinary Council of India and Government of India, New Delhi and permanently affiliated with Rajasthan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Bikaner for awarding degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc. & A.H.). The veterinary qualification imparted by the college has been included in the First Schedule in accordance with the Section 15(2) of IVC Act, 1984 since the first batch of college i.e. academic session 2009-10 through Gazette Notification no. S.O. 2858(E), dated-31-08-2017. 

The recognized MJF Veterinary College has adopted fully the required standards for veterinary education ( Five years and six months B.V.Sc.& A.H. Degree Course) prescribed by Veterinary Council of India, with a vision to offer an efficient graduate program producing professionally sound veterinarians . The college has highly developed teaching departments pertaining to various fields of veterinary and animal science. The present intake capacity is 80 students per annum.

The college aims to be the pioneer in this field of veterinary education, having professional experts of this field made available to the young aspirants, so that they are efficiently trained to serve the society.

Recognized MJF Veterinary College, Rajasthan has their state of art-building, well furnished lecture halls, well equipped modern laboratories, library with latest books and journals, highly-equipped departments, LFC & VCC which are providing immense opportunities for clinical and farm practices. College is situated in the sprawling vast area surrounded by natural scenic beauty providing healthy & student-friendly environment.

The hard work and dedication put in by management and the devotion & enthusiasm of staff and faculty members amalgamated with the zeal of students to reach zenith being the prime reason behind college's success story. The students have not left any stone unturned to get their college name on top of academics. The college focuses not only upon imparting academic qualifications to students but also guide them to emerge out as good citizens who would contribute to the growth and development of society and nation in general and animal welfare in particular.

MJF Veterinary College prepares the veterinary workforce endowed with scientific knowledge and skills required to meet societal needs by maintaining animal health, relief of animal sufferings, conservation of animal resources, promotion of public health and advancement in veterinary knowledge.  The Faculty of  Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry with its very  well defined purpose, aims at  dairying as a full-fledged agri-business for enhancing the economy and generating mass employment, particularly in rural areas. Other fields are clinics,   A I center, pet center, milk and meat industry, poultry and feed factories, where young graduates can be good entrepreneurs as well as job providers to others rather than job seekers.