Department of Livestock Production Management

Department of Livestock Production Management well developed and fully functioning as per MSVE- 2016 . It has been established adjacent to the livestock farm and veterinary hospital for better exposure to the students regarding various managemental practices followed at the farm as well as the procedures followed at the veterinary hospital with respect to artificial insemination (A.I.), pregnancy diagnosis and treatment of sick animals. Different livestock species and breeds are available at the livestock instructional farm. Sufficient agricultural land is available for the livestock farm which provides the adequate knowledge to the students regarding different agricultural activities in different seasons. Fodder crops are cultivated depending on the requirement of the farm and nutritional values of crops. The laboratory is fully equipped with different equipments and instruments required for effective livestock management operations as per VCI guidelines. Animal housing models, models of breeds, charts, photographs and diagrams are available for better understanding of the students. Adequate open area for demonstrating the students different practicals of animal handling and general management operations is available near the LPM laboratory.

Credit Hours:

  • Livestock Production & Management (4+2 = 6)