1. College is located in Jaipur, capital of historic state of Rajasthan, on NH-52, 27km from Jaipur railway station under the jurisdiction of Jaipur Development Authority.

2. College is located in dense milk-producing area having vast verities of animals where students can be exposed for the good teaching, learning and practice.

3. Easily approachable from any part of the world via airways, railways and roadways.

4. Stupendous academic results every year with meritorious students being the toppers of the state and excelling the degree with flying colors. Every approaching year is being more historic than previous one.

5. College awarded for excellence in veterinary education in India.

6. Our governance is transparent, honest and compassionate. This is being our hallmark.

7. Economically weak students are encouraged with funds and scholarships for their growth & study.

8. Spacious residential facilities, healthy public-hygiene maintenance, good recreational facilities and the best schools are available. Above all, a dedicated teacher enjoys freedom to pursue his specialization, to do research, getting ample opportunities to conduct seminars, projects, to adopt innovative courses and pedagogy. The informal and friendly atmosphere prevailing in the campus is appreciated by all.

9. We practice what we preach unlike most of the other institutes that declare in their manifestos but do not work to accomplish it.

10. Well-functioning double Livestock Farm Complexes & double Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complexes.