LPT Department is well developed and fully functioning as per MSVE- 2016  for realizing the requirement of trained and skilled professionals in the field of Livestock Products Technology to handle the ever growing production of milk, meat, eggs, wool etc., the college has established the Department of Livestock Products Technology  to produce graduates in this field of specialization to ensure rapid, better and proper handling of animal products to further boost the livestock  business and to produce quality animal products which stand the test of quality in today’s era of competitive global scenario. The department came into existence in the year 2011 as per the mandatory requirement by VCI. The department has two sub-disciplines namely: Meat Technology and Dairy Technology in which undergraduate teaching is imparted. Presently the department is having all the necessary state of the art facilities which include processing, packaging and quality control of different meat and milk products. The major activities undertaken by the department include (a) Processing of milk and milk products (b) Processing of meat (c) Visits to milk plant, meat processing plant, leather processing plant and (d) Routine laboratory work as prescribed in the VCI curriculum.

Credit Hours:

  • Livestock Products Technology (2+1 = 3)