Veterinary Anatomy

Veterinary Anatomy department is well developed and fully functioning as per MSVE- 2016. Department of Veterinary Anatomy has the mandate to familiarize undergraduate students with the form and structure of various animal species and to enable them to learn the concepts and fundamentals of basic veterinary anatomy and histology which serves as foundation for the future sciences of surgery, gynecology and the like. The department is involved in teaching the principles of embryo genesis and organogenesis during the development process. To serve these purposes, the department comprises of a well equipped gross anatomy demonstration hall as well as a dissection hall. The embalming room has the facility for short and long term storage of dissected specimens. Apart from the articulated and dis-articulated skeletons of cattle, horse and dog the department is equipped with automatic tissue processor, micro-tome, microscopes and tissue baths etc so that students can be trained in basic histological procedures.


Credit Hours:

  • Veterinary Anatomy (4+3 = 7)