The Animal Nutrition department is well developed and fully functioning as per MSVE- 2016, Nutrition department’s laboratory contains all the apparatus/instruments, glassware and chemicals needed for the proximate analysis of feed and fodder. Besides these the laboratory also contains the sophisticated instruments for mineral (macro and trace) estimation like Digital Spectrophotometer, Digital Flame photometer, Calorimeter etc. Samples of various types of conventional as well as unconventional feed stuffs for livestock are available in the laboratory. Area Specific Mineral Mixture for Punjab in small scale is prepared in the laboratory by the members of the department and the final year students in the Entrepreneurial course. The department also posses a demonstration plot of fodder cultivation for the students. Beside the course, the undergraduate students also get the opportunity to learn by doing hay making, silage preparation, urea ammoniated straw preparation etc. 

Credit Hours:

  • Animal Nutrition (3+1 = 4)