Veterinary College Library

Veterinary College has a large size library hall having area around 4000 sqft. accommodating separate reading facility to teaching faculty, staff & students with comfortable sitting arrangements. College has a Wi-Fi internet facility to provide e-journals & e-learning. It has a large stock of books as reference & text books around 4000 in number and it facilitated with magazines, newspapers, journals & periodicals to interact the students and faculty with veterinary science. Our computerized library is extensive, well ventilated, and spacious with comfortable seating arrangements. Every student is provided sufficient books according to his/her need. At a time two books are issued for 15 days to the students and charge of Rs. 10/delayed day is imposed to the students. Library has huge collection of text & reference books, journals and E-journals. The library has a quality Xerox & Internet facility for the students & Staff. To follow the Rules & Regulation of the library is mandatory for students as well as faculty.